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Kare Kano – Role of Family Background to Character Relationships

I don’t have a history about fighting teachers, or “opposing” them for any matter. This is one of the reasons why I was hooked to Kare Kano’s approach in its 7th episode which involved top students going against their teachers, with their parents as their allies. Pretty daring isn’t it? It’s cliche for delinquents to do such a thing but they are totally the opposite which is why just like Yukino’s father, it gave me shivers of excitement.

For a short summary, that is the episode where Yukino and Arima’s parents were called to see the faculty advisers to discuss about the relationship of the two in connection to the sudden drop of their grades. Pretty much a typical situation if I were to be asked but what really pulled me into this episode is the conversation among the teacher and the parents of Yukino and Arima.

There are probably a lot more shows that also excellently portray the theme of parenting in an anime (e.g. Usagi Drop) but the 7th episode of Kare Kano will always be one of my favorites. You can really see how supportive Yukino’s parents were. This is the episode that made Yukino’s father on the list of my all time favorite characters. He had a very nice statement on how he thinks parenting should be done. Likewise, it was touching to hear what Arima’s parents had to say about having to worry together if ever he’ll feel troubled in the future.

For all this time, our daughter has always decided everything for herself. I have never instructed her to do anything. Of course, I can understand what you are saying, but because I think of her future that I do not wish to restrict her. I feel that I would take away all of my child’s possibilities if I restrict her now and make her face her studies. I believe children have the right to freely think and feel for themselves. Studying is important, but a day in high school is far more precious than a month is in adulthood.

The focus of this show has always been Yukino and Arima’s relationship but the concept of family is rather pre-eminent throughout. For all I know, this has been discussed in more detail during Tsubasa’s arc (eps 11~13) where she remarked that Arima might have been captivated by Yukino not only because of her personality but also because of the familial warmth that emanates from her. This is rather to be expected from Arima who didn’t experience how a normal family could have been.

The family background concept is also apparent in the situation between Arima and Asaba. Arima was abandoned by his true parents while Asaba forsook his parents, yet these two are best friends. Similarly, Tsubasa feels relaxed with Kazuma (and vice versa), because both of them know the lonely feeling when nobody’s home after opening the door when they get home.

I find it amusing to watch that Kare Kano explores a not that apparent side of attraction to someone apart from the romantic aspect of relationships. The thing is, sometimes people are drawn to other people because s/he somehow satisfies and gives you an ample amount of happiness by “fulfilling” (intentionally or not) the role of someone that’s normally shouldn’t be missing  in his/her life, i.e. a certain family member of some sort that’s gone. In Kare Kano’s case, it’s the Miyazawa household’s familial warmth spillover to Arima via Yukino.

This actually somehow reminds me of the recent manga I read (Sangatsu no Lion) where the “family” members are composed of people all trying to help one another in recovering from their respective tragic past.

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  2. Lehst says: August 17, 20126:54 pm

    I completely agree! I thought that episode of Kare Kano was one of the most exciting and heartwarming by the end. In fact, as far as anime showdowns, the talk with the teachers was just so epic in general. I also loved that, after it all, the main opposing teacher admits they won him over, and he appears again as an ally to our main characters (like being their club advisor if I recall correctly.) It shows he's human, and wants whats best for the students without continuing to be a stubborn antagonist.

    • foomafoo says: September 9, 20128:53 am

      Thanks for dropping by to comment! I'm glad I'm not the only one who really liked this episode. I really like as well the fact that the teacher was convinced that maybe what he's saying is not just the only option for success in school.

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