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I’m going to miss this place.

Head over here instead.

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It has been a while!!! Time for an update. This has been waiting for some typing madness.

I don’t know anymore how exactly to blog so bear with me. It’s been 10 months since I’ve actually written something. Quite sad isn’t it? Let’s skip the details on why I wasn’t able to blog shall we? I just wasn’t able to. Let’s keep it at that.

There were several ways for me to have done blogging if I really wanted to. I mean, I go to office and have my station. I can use my computer to write entries if I’m done with my tasks (calling it out as early as now: I rarely have idle time. Or if I have, I’d rather rest). Despite the obstacles, I was able to finish watching the original Gundam series and Zeta just using my smartphone. Can you believe that?  And I’m technically not disconnected to the anisphere as I can still read the tweets from time to time. And yet I just wasn’t able to blog. Sigh, I’ve been wondering myself why.

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Good job Mr. Recommend-er! You just had me interested with the UC timeline of Gundam. I’d say I would actually want to explore more, like the recent Unicorn series, than write this post but I mustn’t! – at least for now. It was cruel of you to just throw me in the middle of the timeline when I don’t even know what Zeons are, what triggered the war and these factions to rise. I hardly know about Gundams but I took the chance to know more by picking this one from the choices so yeah…Kinda my fault as well, hahaha.

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Hello guys, I’ll be straightforward this time. I’m technically late already! This is the second part of the Interrogation Game and the questions I’m going to answer are from Hiromi and Kyokai.

Someone was kind enough to tag me back on the last day (clue: it’s not Hiromi) so here we go!

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This ruckus was started by Iso. Please blame the guy if you are being bombarded with lots of tags! (^~^;)ゞ You can read about it in full detail here. The general idea of this game is to answer the five questions of the blogger who tagged you and pass around your very own set of questions to other bloggers. So, yeah I’m part of this as agreed with Iso to act as a starter for the 5 bloggers he’ll be tagging.

I should be writing legit posts but I hope I can entertain you guys for the meantime!

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