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Kare Kano – Obsession to Popularity

Late post is late but this is my entry for Trzr’s Rewatch Month project where we’ll rewatch our favorite anime in the month of May and post 4 entries (or maybe more if you want) for each Sunday. The Kare Kano header of this site has never been this relevant.

I find myself empathizing with Yukino’s realization during the early part of the anime in that there’s always someone out there better than you, and for her, it was Arima. Yukino’s attempt to beat Arima, and suddenly feeling empty after her success was fortunately, a feeling I wasn’t able to experience.

Note: I’m not sure if the nomenclature system of Philippine’s educational system is the same to that of other countries.

Not to brag but simply to illustrate — During my elementary days, I’ve been at the top of my class. I was quite proud of myself having been accelerated as well and skipping the preparatory level. I was considered for Grade 1 immediately right after my first year in the Kindergarten, even though I’m not the top of my Kindergarten class. Weird, right? In short I was the youngest through out my elementary classes, and also the top of my class at the same time.

And so, here comes the high school period when I came to realize that there are lots of people even better than me! Consequently, I immediately fell from the ranks.

This is pretty much the reason I understand the scene where Yukino stated that it feels cold to be buried as an average/normal person. I used to be the at the top as well but unlike her, I wasn’t that into the idea of popularity. I wasn’t aggressively competitive to others as well. I’m a firm believer that one should see their own selves as their competitor and not other people.

At first, I can feel the pressure from my parents who were expecting me to perform well and I was thankful that they understood my situation and it didn’t end up like Koyomi’s [Bake/Nise] relationship with his parents. In a way, it was an eye opener. I was never that studious in the very first place. Education has its own merits — it’s just that I don’t want to deprive myself of other things.

Meanwhile, Yukino has been putting up a show for everyone ever since she realized she would hear more praises if she could excel more. She’s been basically living her entire school life in order to impress everyone even though she’s just as normal as any other person when she’s at home. Imagine how silly that is. Her resolve is pretty amazing yes but I don’t like how she initially derives happiness from what others think about her.

Now that I think about it, I’m such a popularity freak. If I had raised my true self without restraints, I might have become a comedian who has sway of the world. Trying to become a creature that was not me was an idiotic thing to do.

It’s a bit coincidental that this post coincides to my Round 2 match on Aniblog Tourney. Ranks and stuff are important but trying to manage your blog just to fit what others want from you is just wrong. I get that listening to what others have to say from time to time is important — as long as you don’t stray from what originally your blog is.

It’s a better feeling if people acknowledge you, even without the ulterior motive of wanting to win.

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