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Jormungand – The Smoking Guns

Jormungand’s universe is definitely something else. I may not be able to assess each and every detail on how the arms dealing industry really works, or if the machinations on how wars and conflicts over those interests are actually plausible — but I think viewers could see that it still portrays a bit of our reality.

Millennium Development Goals. It was the first time I ever heard it from an anime. Are people even aware of what it’s all about? Hopefully.

Note: You have to see episode 4 to fully understand this entry. I’m not first time reader friendly.

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I’m not a gun nut but after hearing what Koko said about the statistics of gun ownership, I just had to clarify is she’s making it up or not. Guess what, digging the internet gave me the infographic at the left and I was really surprised. Just like Jonah, I was under the impression that most of the guns do belong to the army. It felt unreal that 1 out of 10 people owns a gun. But looking at the current statistics, it’s actually even higher. It’s already roughly 1 out of 7.

We live in a world where weapons are always an arms distance away. Sad, isn’t it? These things are more reliable than human kindness.

Really sad. I mean, I enjoy seeing gun fights in anime without really thinking and realizing the larger problem about guns and fire arms in general. This thing that I guiltily enjoy actually deprives other people of their future. Aside from the act of killing someone by using it (duh), imagine if the money used for manufacturing guns were allocated instead in alleviating the issues that MDG wants to address? Funny thing, Koko said that the sustainability of achieving the 2nd and 4th goal of MDG requires 22B USD annually. Adding up the revenue of the top three economies in the arms selling industry already equates to 21.5B USD. That’s just the top three!

I’d probably continue enjoying gun fights in anime but seeing as there seems to be a lack of perception about guns as a deviant tool, it is quite alarming. At this point, I’m inclined to believe Koko on her belief that humans have decided to exchange the future of the next generation to that of violence.

Even people who have nothing to do with violence will become savages if they have a weapon? Where in the world do you expect to find people who have nothing to do with violence?

I don’t even understand the logic on why civilians would want to acquire guns for themselves. I know Maslow says that safety is a necessary thing for humans but I don’t think that it qualifies as an excuse. Are they even sure that owning a gun would warrant them the sense of security? Just like how Lelouch said it, only those who are prepared to fire should be fired at. Maybe we are treading again on the concept of Fundamental Evil/Good (care of the recent Nisemonogatari) but I comprehend Koko’s way of seeing things similar in a way to that of the Code of Hammurabi.  “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” – violence for violence.

Koko acknowledges that every person is capable of violence [“You may be kind, but the world is not”] which is why she doesn’t mind the existence of guns, or in her case, selling them as a merchandise and using them. Is it part of her good running evil plan of achieving “world peace”? I don’t know. But one thing’s for sure, she knows how hypocrite she is even though she’s an arms dealer herself.

I wonder if civilians who own guns know that they are being hypocrites themselves. Safety? Security? Don’t make me laugh.


image credits: pixiv user takaburu ; infographic by chacha.com

  1. Foxy Lady Ayame says: May 4, 20127:54 pm

    Fear, that's what motivates people buying and keeping a gun. Then, there's the lack of trust in society and first of all in the police and the state. You shouldn't be that judgemental. I don't like guns either. They make me feel uncomfortable, but I do understand the lullaby a gun can sing when you live in areas with high criminality.
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    • foomafoo says: May 5, 20125:08 am

      Crimes are very much correlated to unemployment, and government is most of the time, the one to be blamed for that. Ah, yes fear, but everyone's buying it because of the mentality that everyone also have it. But then again, since democracy allows you owning it as a right, I just don't know who primarily fuels this kind of mentality.

      I'm sorry if the post sounded judgmental but this is quite the truth. If we could only address that fear among our selves and the society then maybe we can stop this hypocrisy about guns and safety.

      • Foxy Lady Ayame says: May 5, 20124:49 pm

        Here politics are inserted and I'll just say that the truth of your statement "Crimes are very much correlated to unemployment, and government is most of the time, the one to be blamed for that" depends on your views of what a government's responsibilities are and generally on your political ideology and worldview. It's a loooooong talk where many factors are involved and I don't think it'll end well, as most of such discussions. So let's avoid delving deeper.

        Your truth, my truth might not be everyone's truth. Plus you erase any other reason a crime might be committed like jealousy, insanity, the aggressive nature of humans etc. Don't forget also that not every unemployed person robs banks or kills other people due to depression or to steal money.
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        • foomafoo says: May 5, 201211:20 pm

          I'm not erasing them at all, and I'm not generalizing things since I know that there are always exceptions — which is why I only said "most of the time" , and said "correlated" since I prefer not to use causality. I am very much aware of the stochastic factors involved in this equation but I'm talking here about the larger variables.

          • Foxy Lady Ayame says: May 6, 20121:03 am

            Rushed my reading, my bad. Still, I wonder if it is proven that unemployement is the most deciding factor. If you have somewhere a statistic, I'd like you to link me, please. The subject is very interesting.
            My recent post Saya Monou: a mermaid of sin

            • foomafoo says: May 6, 20122:51 am

              not the latest i could find: http://siteresources.worldbank.org/DEC/Resources/… but I shall quote the conclusion

              "Both economic growth and income inequality are robust determinants of violent crime rates"

              It's not unemployment per se but the economic factors. There are many papers published that connects crime to alcohol consumption as well. There are so many literature mentioned in the first few pages which is why I'm not discounting as well the behavioral ones you've mentioned. (educational level/achievement is also a factor accdg to some)

  2. Aniplogs says: May 5, 20127:15 pm

    Haven't seen episode 4 yet so I didn't read the whole article but the infographic is totally helpful, just seeing the US Chart motivates me to buy one, I'm from the Philippines BTW

    • foomafoo says: May 8, 20122:00 pm

      I wouldn't blame if people would be motivated instead to buy one for themselves but you're totally helping in increasing the figures, instead of ideally reducing it. And hi! It's always good to hear from other Filipinos! (Apologies, this was caught in spam)

  3. Aniblog Stuff – Round 2 – Day 7 says: May 9, 201211:55 am
  4. John says: June 11, 20121:43 pm

    Why would people buy a gun?


    And on the other hand, there are the unsavoury characters who do believe in a abominable apocalypse about to descend.

  5. Round the Sphere | Anime Diet says: June 30, 20129:34 am

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