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Karekano & Skip Beat – Living Off From the Opinions of Other People


I do think you guys know who these two are, of course, it’s Kyoko from Skip Beat! and Yukino from Kare Kano. Who wouldn’t recognize such difference between these two strong female leads? One who gets a shiver of pleasure from the attention and praises of other people while the other one abhors the whole existence of intimacy and affection from other people.

Well basically, I think the bottom line is what they get from living off from the opinions of others or/and disregarding them.

Kyoko’s case was pretty much given, and the reason why she got assigned to “Love Me”section was, she lacks that trait of actresses to desire love and affection from the audience. A complete opposite of Yukino because she’d gladly have that spot in order to make herself look good and favorable in front of others. These two are just compatible that I think they must stick together to help out what’s missing from one another. They complement each other and I think one could learn from the other.

Kyoko experienced already some sort of a ‘trauma’ in being a relationship, which is why she refuses now to be committed in any, as well as abandoning hope she’ll be able to appreciate love and affection. She was able to break out of her shell and able to toss that weakness of her of being so passive. She learned to take the initiative and transformed herself into someone who seeks retribution to what was done to her. But then, she is still frightened that she will end up afflicted once again by the pain of being toyed with.

In contrary, Yukino has been hiding her real self skillfully through her mask. The bad side though, is that she’s never been hurt before and she’s been already used already to the crowd praising her so she now ended up being afraid to show her true self. Even if her facade can’t feel the pain, her real self does feel the pain. This is why she is terrified that she might get hurt once she reveals her true self to everyone. If she can’t overcome that hurdle, she won’t be able to freely express herself.

So, what’s parallel between these two? Why the heck is it so important for these two people to confine their selves with the opinions of others? The diverging point though is that Kyoko is being forced while Yukino is wilful.


I really don’t care about the damn “Love Me” section. Kyoko is Kyoko. Why is it that the LME president insists Kyoko to be trained in order to learn and recall those feelings of “love” ? I find it rather cheesy at first, and vague. From what I’ve understood, actresses and actors must have that sentiment of wanting to be loved by the viewers, in order to act out, not for their own satisfaction, but for other people; thus to invoke the empathy of the audience. I find this rather twisted because I don’t think actresses and actors should be obliged on wanting to please other people, or so to say, even if they are indebted to their fans that they still have their jobs. This is rather the wrong concept in the world of entertainment! Actors and actresses are treated as merchandise to be sold, which is why they are forced to fabricate that facade that everyone supposedly likes, instead of acting, in behalf of themselves alone. I just can cite what happened to Risette from P4, just by talking about the topic. I think an actress or actor can still invoke that empathy of the viewers as long as she acts from within her true self, even if she disregards the opinions of others.

Kyoko’s current disposition is somewhat telling her to be a superficial icon in the industry. Does Kyoko just worth that much? If Kyoko can act, then so be it, I don’t know why it has to be propelled by one’s affinity towards being loved by the audience or viewers. It’s as if the series says that for an actor or actress, to act good, he/she should be vain enough to be wanting to be loved and praised by the people around him/her. I don’t think it gives justice, because that states that actors and actresses should be conceited. Is acting all about that? lol, I don’t know.

damnit, I don't have other pics of her without arimaMeanwhile, I don’t know what’s gotten to Yukino for her to go on a quest for being the Queen of Vanity. Same way as Kyoko, she is also restrained by the fact that in order to be the best among the best, she must be favorable and pleasing to other people, it’s just that she’s the one who voluntarily succumbed into this belief. Yukino possesses that “desire” to be loved by everybody and because of that, she has divulged herself in creating the “model student” mask in order to be the center of attention and compliments.

Yukino has soon realized that all the pandering she has done, has actually made her a rigid person. She learned her lesson the hard way, and she has to pay for all her postponed debts. If only Kyoko would be able to know what happened Yukino after living off from the opinions of others, I doubt Kyoko would still prefer to became a proud member of “Love Me”.  Love Me section seeks her to become a refined actress, by bringing back her desire for others’ affection, by having everybody love the way she acts, but I doubt this will help her to be a good actress. It might help but it might also just end up producing a fake personality of her, which only has the agenda to please other people, but is actually empty inside. This is why I like the present Kyoko who just acts on her own accord, and not necessarily to please the audience.

Kyoko thinks pleasing everyone is stupid. I think so too. Kyoko must tell this to Yukino’s face so she’ll stop pretending to be a perfect being. The longer Yukino tries to preserve that exterior of her, the more it becomes precarious once other people finds out the truth.


I didn’t focus much on Yukino because I already made an elaborate entry about her. You can proceed to the related post section to read about it or go there right away: “Karekano – Yukino Miyazawa: Behind her Mask

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