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Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen – Time Lapse Syndrome

6015945-by-maiyo It has finally arrived. Why would I wait til October 10 if I can watch it sooner ne? I might spout some spoilers so please read the post at your own risk.

Well, my wait has finally paid off since I just can’t take it to read the manga. I’ve been so accustomed already of watching the animation since I grew already to those 167  episodes without even realizing that it was the “ending” already.

Personally, my interest also waned a little when I found out that Sunrise isn’t planning anything to air the rest of the manga, not until Rumiko Takahashi ended it. Of course, this fanboy inside me is screaming already since it somewhat increased the chances of having the rest of Inuyasha animate.

Honestly, I’ve seen the last page of the manga already(just the last page), and I’ve spoiled myself but I don’t know, this anime just feels part of me already that I don’t want to miss any of it, even if I saw the ending already. After all, I’ve watched it during weekdays through out my high school days(that’s just about 5 years ago).

I’ve read and skimmed few chapter of volume 37 ever since I’ve heard of the news that there would be a second season but I think the first episode of the final act was rather convoluted that it somehow managed to interconnect all the returning characters, but the events were somehow “convenient”, which I really didn’t like because it turned out to be “just because they all sensed something, they’d be expected to gather”. I don’t remember volume 37 to be similar but I do remember some semblant scenes such as Kohaku’s fight with that “root-ish” monster. The chapter I really do remember is the one regarding the mosquito-herbalist stuff which I think is a filler… Well, maybe what happened on the first episode was actually the plot developments while putting aside all fillers in the manga.

I think the director was rather presumptuous. I know that summaries and flashbacks would just make the show insipid for those who already know what’s gonna happen but considering the last air of the episode 167 was done 5 years ago, I think it would be appropriate to do it in this situation. Well, in a much brighter side, I think the first episode was also effective on making my brain generate all of those forgotten scenes from the past season.

Probably, one of the characters I’ve missed so much was Kagura. I know she’ll eventually die in the later chapters(I told you, I might say some spoilers) which gave me the reason to explore more of her before she dies, since I also liked her rebellious personality towards Naraku. I actually support her aim to gain her freedom once more.

Uhm so, what happened to Naraku’s heart again? I really don’t quite remember at all… I might probably check out the first season to review my schema. This is the problem when sequels are aired for more than a year after… Well, I really can relate to what Kagome felt during her extra lessons— I felt like I’ve encountered it but nothing comes out of my mind because other anime(s) (well not just anime) have clouded and cluttered it already.

Well, let’s just accept the fact that time is a formidable opponent.


image credits: pixiv user maiyo

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