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Spice and Wolf II – Indispensable Part of Happiness

spicywolf Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. – Benjamin Disraeli.

It doesn’t really matter how many Thoreni, Lumione or whatever coins you possess. Everyone has their set of choices to choose from whether to succumb to what they feel right or wrong, whichever might be the source of their happiness or joy, even if it’s also just momentarily.

I chuckled a bit and partly agreed to what Harold-san(the innkeeper) mentioned with regards to wealth and merchants. Indeed, merchants keep on thinking how to earn and gain large sum of profits and yet, would they be able to keep it when that day comes? Of course not, and yet they are putting all the effort just to obtain those high-quality materials and such. Certainly, why exert that much effort in obtaining something you’ll eventually throw away? I guess this rather falls in the category of that dispensable part of happiness.

We all have different kinds of perspective on how we choose to be happy with our lives, even if we’re just pretending to have the role of a fairy tale’s protagonist. Happiness is a scary thing. Perhaps that’s right but, probably not as well. Well, since it’s how Horo perceives it, let’s not argue with that.

Horo’s justification of why she is scared of the happiness she feels is because it might suddenly perish, and that’s just a painful thing to bear, once you’ve already gotten used to it. Just like the elders’ favorite proverb says, “Anything that is too much is bad”. For Horo, this sentiment is too much because of Lawrence’s kindness towards her. It’s not like it’s Lawrence’s fault to behave so kind towards Horo, but just like what Lawrence mentioned on the episodes where he faced that obstacle regarding Horo’s sellout, he doesn’t want to abandon his “crate”. Can you blame either one of the sides?

Yes, Lawrence is a merchant, and that just sums it up all to describe him. Merchants are inclined to stick to whatever they think is profitable to their business. Undeniably, one of the reasons why Lawrence accepted Horo to be his companion in the very first place, is because she is gifted with those skills essential for item-appraisal. Nevertheless, after all those travels and deep water, I doubt if some sort of bond didn’t formed between the two of them. Well, that was a rhetorical question, since we all probably knew already what’s the answer…

A merchant should be a risk-taker and just as much as they want to risk and to gain profit, certainly, they also want to make their dreams come true and as for Lawrence, it’s to own a shop. It was at that brink of moment that Lawrence’s dreams might have come true if only he decided to finally part ways with Horo, but that’s not what he did, he traded that dream of his for a different aspect of happiness. He might not have achieved his dream yet but he was able to upheld a priceless bond with someone.

He might be a merchant, who seeks happiness and fulfillment by mere profit and fortune, but certainly at one point in his life, he’ll eventually realize that he’ll need someone to be with. Well, In conclusion, this series doesn’t only teach us about supply, demand and all that economics stuff but it also emphasizes that a man can’t live through physiological needs alone, he also needs several things and one of these is a companion/lover.

This is one of those what I’m referring to as the indispesable part of happiness. There are so many choices, options and other things that would make us happy but there is always this one thing we are holding to, something we cherish, and we are ready to sacrifice anything just so it will remain in our lives. Sometimes, these are the things we take for granted, and I hope that moment won’t come to anyone.

Good for Lawrence though since he finally had the courage to say the words. Meanwhile, I hope Horo would reciprocate those feelings from Lawrence, to be someone part of her indispensable happiness as well. From here on, it’s just a matter of preservation so that the fear of Horo’s having left with dull memories won’t happen.

Thoughts from the ending of the series:

Season two is totally great, I really liked the character development for this season. The characters became more solid with regards to their personality and of course, that underlying relationship between the two became more intense in this season. Also, I really find it relieved that they somehow limited the concept of fantasy for this season. I don’t know but I just don’t like it when Horo transforms because I think that concept should always and only belong to the high fantasy types of anime, and Spice and Wolf is certainly not one.

The season is just superb, I think I almost liked all aspects of the show. The teasing part between the two characters was very entertaining even though the topic was a bit cheesy. Well, I’m praising here the two great seiyuus behind them. There was a great balance of character interaction, plot development, and conflict which I really think helped me a lot on staying focused with the show and not be bored. It wasn’t dragging to watch at all.

The show is not insipid and it was notable since it was only scheduled for twelve episodes.  I don’t know but there is this feeling of fulfillment from me after I’ve watched the ending, probably because I finally heard the words Lawrence should say to Horo. It was a long journey of love but I hope it doesn’t end there.

  1. Spice and Wolf II – 12 (END) « UNMEI KAIHEN says: September 26, 20093:47 am

    […] This post, I think, does a solid job of comparing Lawrence’s happiness as a human with his happiness as a merchant, and how that plays off Horo’s wishes and ideas of happiness. To this, I can add only that it is interesting how Lawrence mentions that when he and Horo finally reach Horo’s homeland, a farewell with a smile is the only thing he will wish for. He knows, in his heart, that what he and Horo have cannot be permanent. Lawrence will die, or he and Horo will go their separate ways. In the cosmic scale of things, this happiness is just as fleeting as the drive for profit. But, again, it all goes back to Lawrence and Horo’s conversation about the heart from ep9. Our interactions with other people mold and shape our hearts and leave permanent changes that make them completely different than they were before. The happiness from monetary profit disappears because it is soon replaced with the desire to make more money; the happiness from love, even if that love must one day end, leaves something that cannot disappear. […]

  2. RP says: September 26, 200910:08 am

    It was a long journey of love but I hope it doesn’t end there.

    Definitely agree. I think the journey’s just begun for them two. It’s funny, by confessing, Lawrence tossed the ball into Horo’s court, but I feel like he’s the one holding the “power” in the relationship now. Ahh, it would be a fun journey to see how that relationship now evolves. I’m itchy for a third season. =P

  3. foomafoo says: September 27, 200911:14 am

    I’m also heavily anticipating the third season! I just can’t leave the story without knowing what will happen from now on. *excited*. Well, Just live what you’ve said, everything is just beginning and what’s more important and challenging in their relationship would be the things that would happen from now on.

  4. BashZeStampeedo says: October 6, 20093:51 am

    Heh.. I think Lawrence just gave up all power he had to keep Horo. She has the ultimate excuse now: “Don’t you love me anymore?”. She didn’t reciprocate at all, so he has no ammunition – he begged her to stay (again). Seriously.. it will be tough for him to get her to open up and admit things now.. and it sure doesn’t look like she will do it on her own.

    But all in all, it was certainly nice to see Lawrence change so much in such a short time. The contrast between their characters saved the season for me. Having them “switch places” was nice. In the first season Horo kept their relationship going. In season two’s OVA, she seemed to figure out she probably loved him, and then she deteriorated slowly into a maelstrom of confused emotions and bad decisions. All the while, Lawrence realized he definitely loved her, and really pushed hard to make that fact obvious and sincere. It sure is nice to see a realistic adult relationship evolve without overdoing the angst and contrivances.

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