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This is my second playthrough so I already know the knack of the game and how to do things faster. The game’s idea and plot is rather childish compared to the main FF instalments since it involves being “spirited away” to a game which is ironically also called “Final Fantasy.” Alta oron sondus kameela. *snap* and Ivalice turned into a big country. Meanwhile, Marche started to find his way back home while encountering at the same his friends whom doesn’t want to forsake the given chance to live in their “dream world.”

Of course since this is made for a Gameboy Advance, there is nothing much to expect about the graphics and other stuffs but I guess they still made a good game even though there are restrictions.

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Since I have taken into consideration of reading Toradora’s translated light novel from baka-tsuki, I came across to the scene during ep. 6 where Ryuuji asked Minorin about an opinion to a person admitting that she is an airhead (Ami).

The english translation from the script was:

Minori closed her eyes and, reminiscent of the crucified Christ, raised both hands so very slowly while wearing a peaceful expression. Her expression that had been like that of a dead person very, very slowly shifted into a smile. Her hands ended up making a large circle over her head…at least, that’s what it looked like at that moment.


With her face crinkled and her mouth opened as if she were crying out, both her hands crossed violently in a slashing motion. They ended up forming an X.

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The OP ( 「kiseki」by Nirgilis) of this anime is awesome…(for me…) Well, I also like 「Sora」 by Hearts Grow during the 1st season although the first season’s OP is more groovy and this one has a somehow cute funky rhythm with it.

I don’t really know what’s going on but all I know is that Tokyo is currently still devastated due to the Ryunka prior to the first season.

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Ahaha, looks like I have to admit that I got too carried away and decided to read the manga in advance to know the story. I really don’t know why such an interesting plot since 2002 just got animated later after 6 years.

Skip Beat! seemed to me as a cheezy shoujo anime when I first heard it. I tried searching it on the net and what I got was the picture of Kyoko with a seemingly BALLET dress so I quit the idea of reading it. I thought it has something to do with music and dance which is heavily implied on the title and the picture I saw years ago (specifically from the Wikipedia entry).

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Okay, this time, I guess I underestimated an anime. Well, I think I’m glad I did that since I don’t want to be utterly disappointed from picking shows which I won’t like in the end. I thought Toradora is just your mediocre high school themed anime but I suppose not. Episode nine really changed my first impression about the anime and I’m glad that I pursued to watch it even though I felt like watching School Rumble.

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