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Yay! I finished another mecha anime!

Yeah, it really is something even though it is under mecha stuff.

I thought Kamina is the hero of this anime because he seems very famous on the forums and everywhere. I didn’t knew that such event could happen. I’m actually always annoyed by what he says like “Believe in yourself! Not you, who i believe in. Not me, who believes in you. Believe in you.. who believes in himself!”

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Everyday of course our moms wouldn’t stop nagging us about anything every now and then. That is because they love us, their sons and daughters.

I find Atashin’chi a similar place of our home. Not that I’m saying that the Mama in the anime is the same with my mother. Its just that she sometimes makes a fuss about things that is very trivial.

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I’ve been playing this for the past 6 months I guess…

In terms of the playing hours, I’ve been playing this game for nearly 2 days. To be precise, I’ve been playing it for 40++ hours. It’s been a while since I planned to “finish” a RPG. The last RPG I remember I finished was FF Tactics so it’s really been a long time since then. Something(or was it someone?) motivated me to finish this RPG for this might be the last PS2 RPG that I might ever play. Too sad eh?

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chachaCCI have watched ep. 05 and this semblance really struck my mind. Its Chachamaru! Look at those ear-pieces sticking out… C.C. picked a nice semblance that it appealed me that much because I read too much Negima… Looking at Lelouch, he must be pretty surprised to see the prototype of Knightmare frames 😆 . I don’t know but I think C.C and Chachamaru share the same traits such as being loyal and subservient to their so-called “masters”. Even though they feel that their “masters” are much important than theirselves, their “masters” as well treat them as someone worthy.tomatoo Maybe Lelouch considers C.C. as some kind of a pawn sometimes, it is always part of his plan[Considering the fact that the plan is ofttimes 50:50 👿 ]. She’s also treated as someone capable of things that even Kallen can’t do[Such as being the bullet-proof vest for Lelouch]. Evangeline[Negima] doesn’t restrict Chachamaru though since she is capable of employing laser eyes+rocket missiles.

Well too much for the Chachamaru thing, I just can’t guest how Zero will handle his rebellion if its Nunnaly that would be the next governor..ohno.. I feel bad for Nunnaly I think she will also be drawn to the rebellion. She might also be considered as pawn by the Emperor just to lure Lelouch out. Can’t imagine how Nunnaly would lead the defence force considering that she is blind XD.

I hate Suzaku! —Don’t be so bothersome… You see, Rollo is enough for you 👿

So uhm, now Lelouch how will you answer that call? Pretend not to know Nunnaly? 🙄


I have read many comments about the episode and I agreed to what they have said about Nunnaly, why did she agreed to be the governor in the first place? -_- [baka~]

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