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I know, the title is so weaboo-ish. (Also, the image is spoiler-ish at its best, re: Yukio holding a gun) The mere motive of the author for making this post is because he saw the trailer (and quickly got intrigued so he read the manga) from one of gg-subs if he’s not mistaken.

It’s been a while since I have stumbled upon a battle shounen which piqued my interest. Seriously though, Shana captivated me because of her resplendent red flames. How can I let myself miss out blue flames which are definitely cooler? Visuals aside, I definitely like the Shinto and rich Japanese folklore vibes that Ao no Exorcist radiates.

I didn’t really appreciate the first few chapters of AoEx because of the vague exposition of what was happening except that Rin is your typical protagonist that doesn’t have a clear vision in his mind of what he wants in life, and then suddenly, something was triggered by Rin which drastically changed his disposition in life. Pretty much the basic starter amongst shounen mangas.

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Ouran is very farfetched (or if not, ridiculous) if you ask me, in terms of its premise. Even the meaning of the words “host club” got me thinking when I first encountered it. Now that it has come to an end, the thought still remains to be ridiculous because the whole idea of running a host club simply for the fun of it, (or maybe for the sake of business, in Kyouya’s case) is rather unlikely. In addition to that, we are brought inside an academy where only the richest of the rich could afford to study. This is rather unique, but if you look at it, it’s just a sophisticated version of another school club story.

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I think... I'm always standing somewhere convenient. Over there... Or right here...

And so, I stumbled upon this manga by Aogiri Natsu. Flat has 13 chapters so far and I can really say I’ve been absorbed already by the plot of the manga. In any case, I really liked this chapter 9 of Flat. I just can’t help it but think for myself if I ever had a similar feeling towards my friends, whch is alienation. My answer is yes. Definitely, I think almost everyone had at least experienced this kind of feeling, of being disassociated, even if one would prefer to hide or disregard his/her own feelings—and I just like how Aogiri Natsu presented it to the readers. Thanks to this certain statement by Satou which is “Just because you like something, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get your affection reciprocated.” that really lets us know that reality bites. Not just that, but Satou’s thoughts as well regarding his disposition with his relation to his two other friends.

Sometimes, whenever we see our friends, complacency kicks in, as if your ties with each other will never change. One would never imagine the things that might cause him/herself anxiety towards the stability of the relationship with the other person, even if you’ve been together for a long time.

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Okay, let’s proceed now to my Adachi fandom these days.

Spoiler Alert!
One reason I chose this over Touch would be because it is more recent and almost all Adachi fans regard it as his best work so far. And yes, I can clearly see the parallelism Adachi Mitsuru has applied on both Cross Game and H2. Cross Game and H2 both have the stout catchers and stupid comic relief characters. Luckily, Punch is not that annoying in H2 in comparison to Touch where I want to smack him to the ground.

First flaw, well not really flaw but weakness, I noticed in the manga would be the imbalance between Haruka and Hikari. What about this? Hikari is clearly a major character in the story since she is the love interest of the two male protagonist. Due to this, Haruka was reduced as just a baseball team manager. Even though you can say that Haruka is the reason why the Senkawa’s baseball club became the Senkawa baseball team, I quite don’t disagree that she weighs the same as what Hikari played in the story. Haruka also didn’t have that many romance scenes with Hiro even though they are the supposed couple. Instead, Hikari had so many romantic and together scenes with Hiro. During these times, Haruka simply did watch and accepted the fact that Hiro still likes Hikari. Haruka also often go unnoticed every time she tries to do thing for Hiro because Hikari is always around; therefore, Haruka’s character in the manga is over shadowed by Hikari’s too much presence.

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First of all, I have a bad habit and that would be reading the manga of an anime still being aired once I find it good. In this case, it’s Cross Game of Mitsuru Adachi.

Okay, now now, I think my perspective towards baseball animes have changed a lot when I started reading Cross Game. For a certain, I’m looking for the drama and romance in this anime but what comes a long with that is my unexpected inclination towards the sport itself the anime is all about.

Now who’s going to tell me that baseball anime is NOT an overrated genre? There is the spontaneous Major, a gambling and strategical approach from One Outs and the typical highschool Ookiku Furikabutte. Baseball is always around the corner whenever we talk about school sport clubs in anime.

Isn’t it annoying to just keep on watching the endless invincibility of the famous ace pitcher of the team? Well, often as we know, it’s the usual scene. A heavy air surrounds the baseball field whether it is the Koshien, ordinary or even international. The next scene would be the deciding moment whether the pitch gets hit or not. The ball curves to the right or left, whatever many possibilities…

What caught my attention from Cross Game would be the drama of course. Cross Game has a tear jerking story right at its first volume, Seasons of Wakaba. I’m also touched when Koh didn’t knew at first what he must do right after that certain event. I think the author was very successful in conveying that thought of innocence among children during tender age whenever somebody dies.

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