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Natsume Yuujinchou


2009 is the first year I’ve actually completed to monitor from January to December. Now I can fully assess the anime(s) I’ve watched—and liked from every season. Is 2009, yay or nay?

The anime(s) listed below are not really in any order of preference or such, but these are my final picks for the best shows for the year of 2009. I really didn’t include shows which weren’t done airing yet. Meanwhile, I’ve included a show from 2008 Fall which didn’t finished airing on 2008.

Anyway, I’ve finally finished Persona 4 before the end of the year so expect some sort of a review of the game. It’s partly responsible why the year end post is late.

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I’ve always preferred slice of life anime(s) since it somehow reflects what is happening in reality, as well the things we often take for granted, exploited, and even those things that go unnoticed. Still, I’m amazed that there are two anime(s) so far that was able to relate both afterlife and life itself to produce an uncanny yet interesting series about youkais with relation to humans.

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