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Inu Yasha

I’ve always hoped for a second season of InuYasha.I planned it already a long long time ago, and even wrote an entry for it that I’ll be reading the manga, but I wasn’t really able to. which is why I was so glad when I heard the news of course, that they decided to animate and finish the series. Inuyasha’s ending wasn’t really at my mind during that time… But now that it has ended, I don’t know why but I feel depressed and dissatisfied.

I might will mention spoilers.

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6015945-by-maiyo It has finally arrived. Why would I wait til October 10 if I can watch it sooner ne? I might spout some spoilers so please read the post at your own risk.

Well, my wait has finally paid off since I just can’t take it to read the manga. I’ve been so accustomed already of watching the animation since I grew already to those 167  episodes without even realizing that it was the “ending” already.

Personally, my interest also waned a little when I found out that Sunrise isn’t planning anything to air the rest of the manga, not until Rumiko Takahashi ended it. Of course, this fanboy inside me is screaming already since it somewhat increased the chances of having the rest of Inuyasha animate.

Honestly, I’ve seen the last page of the manga already(just the last page), and I’ve spoiled myself but I don’t know, this anime just feels part of me already that I don’t want to miss any of it, even if I saw the ending already. After all, I’ve watched it during weekdays through out my high school days(that’s just about 5 years ago).

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I don’t know if I would be glad or sad about Inu Yasha’s ending. After all, they managed to defeat Naraku, I think. (I haven’t read the manga yet. I finished watching the series though.) I know it has been a pretty long journey before the boss was defeated. Isn’t it kind of sad? I guess there is no endless anime. Some things will really come to an end.

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