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Dennou Coil

no dataI’ve already known this anime for a long time but this is the only time my brother downloaded it… It caught my attention because it has the anime reactor’s best sci-fi anime award. Well, the first thing that entered my mind was Digimon because it has something to do with cyberspace/digital things but it is really different on a very higher level.

It is very sci-fi I say because the world where the character lives is very futuristic. Where you can call somebody by simply using hand gestures. Where 4D is already present. Yes, I think Time/Space has been part of the dimension already in this anime. (As if I’m into Physics too much…) If ever the future people would be able to achieve what is depicted in this anime, I’ll gladly be a member of the Megabaa’s Agency. I was shokku when I saw the “Mikuru-beam” in the show. I think it is pretty cool and I think if I was a generation of that epoch, I’ll gladly waste my time exploring the cyberspace and the “Illegals” + I can write blog entries anywhere! Isn’t that convenient? I’m very annoyed when I forget things which is supposedly a good entry.

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