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Code Geass

Code Geass had its own short comings but why did I ever like Code Geass even though I know that there were stupid plot devices? Now that I think of it, after the two years that have passed, I just can’t explain it clearly to my myself. Was I that immature back then when I started blogging that I’m going to suck-up any cool anime out there even though it obviously does not make sense anymore? But still, whenever somebody asks me an anime that I consider great, Code Geass is more often than not, one among those anime(s) that enter my mind.

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shirley Warning: Spoiler

*sigh*. My brother is always checking out 4chan for pictures of animes. It just happened I saw a picture of Shirley lying on the floor. My brother quickly closed the tab because we might see some unwanted spoilers. It was Monday that day so the only out videos were the raw ones. We waited hereafter the time the fansubs would be released.

I had a bad feeling right at the start. That is the reason I’ve been watching closely the opening theme to see Shirley… Guess what, I didn’t see her on the opening but only Milly and Rivalz… That time then, I had an assumption that she was killed because she remembered her true memories. It was just a wrong move she did. Lelouch already take precautions just not to involve the Academy but she still insisted to help him. She could have done nothing as well even if she joined.

Haha, this post is actually dedicated to her. I thought he will win Lelouch’s heart at the end. Maybe not. Even so, her last few moments were very dramatic. Guess it’s the asset of the show since she died.

My brother and I read some forum threads and we always stumble upon Shirley as a topic since she just died recently. Many can’t get over it because she already stayed too long in the show.

Well, I actually expect deaths here because it is Sunrise. Too bad that the Academy has been involved as well. Why did Sunrise killed her by the way? They should have made her as a hostage, abduct her, brainwash her, whatever, etc.. instead.

By the way, her popularity sky rocketed after she died, she is now below C.C. spot. Weird huh?

Please die Rolo.

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The first upgrade of Code Geass R2 was during the introduction of both new flying units, Guren Kashoushiki and Lancelot Conquista. Because the said series were already introduced, let’s discussed now the other/new Knightmare frames that was shown in the recent episode 11.

First of all, let me introduce the Britannian’s Knightmare frames, Tristan and Mordred.

Tristan is Zino’s Knightmare frame. It is the fastest aerial unit when it is on its jet mode(fortress mode). It can transform pretty fast to the Knightmare form itself. It is equipped with a double ended pole arm. Thus, it can perform mid-range damage to several enemies at a time. It can also launch two of its harkens and combine them to produce a beam that could match Shen Hu’s Baryon Cannon.

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I actually hate Mechas. Code Geass was the first anime I watched that has the Genre. I haven’t watched Guren Laggan because of that reason. lancelot conquistah Suzaku really is a leacher… To think it was just a prototype back then… The episode doesn’t concern the dramatic battle but the improvements of Earl Lloyd and Lakshata had done through the past years Zero has been in slumber. Earl Lloyd introduces the Lancelot Conquista – Aerial type of Lancelot, with few anti measures installed and sturdier shield. I think Tristan is a better Knightmare than the Lancelot. The jet version has an advantage for speed, fast transformation. The Knightmare itself has a lance weapon[longer range of melee attack].

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chachaCCI have watched ep. 05 and this semblance really struck my mind. Its Chachamaru! Look at those ear-pieces sticking out… C.C. picked a nice semblance that it appealed me that much because I read too much Negima… Looking at Lelouch, he must be pretty surprised to see the prototype of Knightmare frames 😆 . I don’t know but I think C.C and Chachamaru share the same traits such as being loyal and subservient to their so-called “masters”. Even though they feel that their “masters” are much important than theirselves, their “masters” as well treat them as someone worthy.tomatoo Maybe Lelouch considers C.C. as some kind of a pawn sometimes, it is always part of his plan[Considering the fact that the plan is ofttimes 50:50 👿 ]. She’s also treated as someone capable of things that even Kallen can’t do[Such as being the bullet-proof vest for Lelouch]. Evangeline[Negima] doesn’t restrict Chachamaru though since she is capable of employing laser eyes+rocket missiles.

Well too much for the Chachamaru thing, I just can’t guest how Zero will handle his rebellion if its Nunnaly that would be the next governor..ohno.. I feel bad for Nunnaly I think she will also be drawn to the rebellion. She might also be considered as pawn by the Emperor just to lure Lelouch out. Can’t imagine how Nunnaly would lead the defence force considering that she is blind XD.

I hate Suzaku! —Don’t be so bothersome… You see, Rollo is enough for you 👿

So uhm, now Lelouch how will you answer that call? Pretend not to know Nunnaly? 🙄


I have read many comments about the episode and I agreed to what they have said about Nunnaly, why did she agreed to be the governor in the first place? -_- [baka~]

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