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I don’t know if this will turn out a bit technical but I’ll try my best not to (or at least explain through layman’s terms). I have to say as well that this representation in [C] is rather weird. I am well aware of how bad IMF’s reputation is to developing countries because of the disparity in the bargaining power of the developing country to what IMF/US demands as a compensation for the loans and debts that they provide as a form of assistance to the countries. This is why it was quite surprising that one of the good guys (well, I consider her as one) actually came from IMF. I know that I’m biased but because of this, it’s as if IMF has become a great institution all of a sudden (which up until now, I still can’t seem to accept!).

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I honestly think that the show was vague during the last episodes due to the fast pace but I guess it was just reasonable for a show showcasing the world economy, considering the minute and ever changing prices of not only stocks but also commodities. Time is of the essence after all, if we are talking about trading stocks.

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