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yuukiIt’s been a while since I’ve shed buckets of tears because of an anime… I’d say the ending of the anime left me awe-stricken. I didn’t knew where to place myself if such thing would happen as well to myself.

Hardships and obstacles are common place in life and these would test our mettle and on how we view life itself. Death of a loved one is one of these setbacks that might hinder us from progressing forward, but then again it might be an event as well that would help us go forward. It is just a matter of our choices, and as for Mirai, I’m glad she was able to overcome that reproachful feeling that she herself might have caused Yuuki’s death.

Sometimes, there are moments when what matters most is always the present, whatever might have happened during the past. Just like how Mirai’s parents took into consideration the fact that she made it alive is already noteworthy. This perspective doesn’t necessarily tells us to abandon and forget what happened on us during the past because all those things we picked up along the path have their own purpose, which is why we got from where we are now. Same as why Yuuki stayed along Mirai’s side up until she got home and met their parents, maybe it was an allusion to Mirai’s feelings of how she treasures and cherishes all those experience and emotions she felt and learned during that short journey the three of them, Mari-san, Yuuki, and she, had went all through, all together.

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shirley Warning: Spoiler

*sigh*. My brother is always checking out 4chan for pictures of animes. It just happened I saw a picture of Shirley lying on the floor. My brother quickly closed the tab because we might see some unwanted spoilers. It was Monday that day so the only out videos were the raw ones. We waited hereafter the time the fansubs would be released.

I had a bad feeling right at the start. That is the reason I’ve been watching closely the opening theme to see Shirley… Guess what, I didn’t see her on the opening but only Milly and Rivalz… That time then, I had an assumption that she was killed because she remembered her true memories. It was just a wrong move she did. Lelouch already take precautions just not to involve the Academy but she still insisted to help him. She could have done nothing as well even if she joined.

Haha, this post is actually dedicated to her. I thought he will win Lelouch’s heart at the end. Maybe not. Even so, her last few moments were very dramatic. Guess it’s the asset of the show since she died.

My brother and I read some forum threads and we always stumble upon Shirley as a topic since she just died recently. Many can’t get over it because she already stayed too long in the show.

Well, I actually expect deaths here because it is Sunrise. Too bad that the Academy has been involved as well. Why did Sunrise killed her by the way? They should have made her as a hostage, abduct her, brainwash her, whatever, etc.. instead.

By the way, her popularity sky rocketed after she died, she is now below C.C. spot. Weird huh?

Please die Rolo.

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