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Looking back, I merely watched this series because it gave off that Higurashi vibes from the trailer. If I’ll be assessing it right now, I think I was gravely mistaken. It is far from similar to Higurashi. Also, I was 100% surprised that this anime had something to do with vampires. I totally had no clue that the author was Fuyumi Ono, and that she was responsible for Twelve Kingdoms and Ghost Hunt.

I like Shiki because there’s no drawn line between the bad and good guys (or maybe according to Izaya’s favorite quote, between those who are tedious and charming) but I hated the moral hazard of the story. It will confuse you into which side between the humans and shikis you should be siding with. As a viewer it was hard for me to decide. Each side had their own reasons. My only question was…

How come no one among them even considered the idea of co-existence? (regardless of it being cliche)

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I really love this episode. It is my favorite so far… I miss Kallen a lot at the academy. Code Geass was just very like Mai-Hime for me. It shows what “war” can do to the emotions and feelings of the people. Those three left standing were the lucky ones since they weren’t dragged into the battlefield unlike the Suzaku, Kallen, Nina and Nunnaly.

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