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I thought it has a very serious nature because of the introduction of the characters. For some reasons, I was engulfed by the introduction of the show especially by the words they spoke.

I have to agree that Kugimiya Rie fits the character because Aisaka really is tsundere in nature.

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Yes! Gurugumawaru is on its way back! It is apparently coming this July…I don’t know if School Rumble plans on using it again as the opening theme but they used it on the promotional video. Even though it is the third term, I don’t see any mental growth to Tenma though she pledged to do the confession to Karasuma this time. Meanwhile, Harima is still obsessed in loved with Tenma. Yakumo looks innocent as ever. Eri is still a tsundere… Mikoto is still determined with her “princess” role. Kira is still with her striking mean look. It’s not good to have spoilers so please see it yourself~.

I’m looking forward the cultural festivals and the intramural 😀

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