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Because of the latest ramblings I kept on seeing because of lurking to several anime blogs(like THAT), I  kept on encountering this certain topic about team blogging and team blogs itself.

I find the picture above from my compendium of stolen artworks from (pixiv as usual). Anyway, I think I can explain what composes the team blogs through the use of the LS picture.

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Aside from normal shows, I’m also expecting this OVA! I’m a huge fan of Kagami so I wanna see her again.

Well, the story really focuses on the four girls but it is kind of sad because the other 6 where set aside on the OVA. Yutaka and others had an extremely limited appearance in the anime.

The MMORPG part of the OVA rocks! It makes me nostalgic of my experiences when I was also once a newbie. Tsukasa reminded me of myself when I tried to play Ragnarok the first time. I didn’t know how to sit. Thus, I’m waiting idle long enough just to replenish my hp XD. lulz. I also had a hard time picking on enemies. I remember getting on the map on the north of Prontera, the forest of Mandragoras and died there. I was shokku  T_T and stared at my character lying on the ground. By the way, what a coincidence~ I also used to be a Healer! Go Kagamin~.

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