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I am late, I know that.

So– I heard many people were complaining on how half-ass the ending was for such an anime, even though it was just a side story. But then again, if I have something to say about railgun, for me, it’s definitely much better than index.

Index has so much to tell, and yet everything were forcefully packed. Railgun has few but splendid episodes to offer, and sprinkled with few fillers. (Okay, now now, this is not an entry contrasting the two.)

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Imagine Breaker is somewhat cliche already if you would associate it with the the power of nullification and force negation. Is it just me or I’m seeing more of what Imagine Breaker really is? I don’t know if I’ll do make sense but I was able to think of this idea primarily because the anime talks about science as the source of the ESP power of the students. I don’t think I’d be able to think of this post if Touma is simply nullifying “magic” attacks. Also, I see an implication of why Imagine Breaker could also bring tough luck for the beholder.

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