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6015945-by-maiyo It has finally arrived. Why would I wait til October 10 if I can watch it sooner ne? I might spout some spoilers so please read the post at your own risk.

Well, my wait has finally paid off since I just can’t take it to read the manga. I’ve been so accustomed already of watching the animation since I grew already to those 167  episodes without even realizing that it was the “ending” already.

Personally, my interest also waned a little when I found out that Sunrise isn’t planning anything to air the rest of the manga, not until Rumiko Takahashi ended it. Of course, this fanboy inside me is screaming already since it somewhat increased the chances of having the rest of Inuyasha animate.

Honestly, I’ve seen the last page of the manga already(just the last page), and I’ve spoiled myself but I don’t know, this anime just feels part of me already that I don’t want to miss any of it, even if I saw the ending already. After all, I’ve watched it during weekdays through out my high school days(that’s just about 5 years ago).

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I think all viewers are informed of the latest gag among the names of the characters of the Gundam 00 S2. The one at left is the old version and I’m NOT the one who certainly drew that caricature. Anyway, I’m also watching Gundam 00 S2 just to inform everyone and I just can’t help but comment to this… First, Regene Regetta. Hmm, okay? So what’s so odd about it? Second, Healing Care. Uhm, I guess it’s somewhat clear now? Third, Revive Revival… Okay, There’s a Pharmacy (Marie Parfacy), Hospital (Healing Care) and a Graveyard this time? Looks like the drawing at the left could be fill out with infrastructures this time! Episode 10 introduced Anew Returner for everyone… Hmmm, still a pun but pretty decent for a Celestial Being member. Bring Stability… Perfect! Now the establishment would be constructed. Anyway, I’m so annoyed with the names yet I just can’t help but laugh out loud when I’m hearing their sickening names… XD

Allelujah’s name is the very very obvious of all puns and yet they are still not sick of it. They even explained why it was Allelujah and the Haptism surname being an anagram for the day he was baptized since he doesn’t have a name til he met Marie…[oops, spoiler…]

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Hmm, probably almost anyone who watches anime knows what Sunrise is. It is an Anime Producer Company. They are very notable for their trademark works. That is MECHAS. Mechas is a genre of anime which has something to do with robots, might it be humanoid or whatever in any sense. Gundam is the very example of that they’ve done many series of Gundams already and they haven’t get tired yet of robot designs. I don’t know how they do researches but their group really is something. They can come up with something spectacular that has something to do with robots and war. Maybe these guys are just war-mongers. Code Geass on the other hand deals with rebellion. You really can notice similarity with the animes that they produce and make.

There is not mecha? Ah yes, that is InuYasha. Even so, it involves fist-fighting and “Vengeance” to Naraku. They are quite violent, no?

Anyway, let’s get to the topic. Maybe Sunrise decided to break their culture. They decided to make Code Geass because they saw Death Note relished by the viewers because of its JUSTICE concept. Now they tried to make an anime to break the ice that does parodies just like Lucky Star which grabbed many otakus out there. (not that it’s moe though.)

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