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I do think you guys know who these two are, of course, it’s Kyoko from Skip Beat! and Yukino from Kare Kano. Who wouldn’t recognize such difference between these two strong female leads? One who gets a shiver of pleasure from the attention and praises of other people while the other one abhors the whole existence of intimacy and affection from other people.

Well basically, I think the bottom line is what they get from living off from the opinions of others or/and disregarding them.

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Ahaha, looks like I have to admit that I got too carried away and decided to read the manga in advance to know the story. I really don’t know why such an interesting plot since 2002 just got animated later after 6 years.

Skip Beat! seemed to me as a cheezy shoujo anime when I first heard it. I tried searching it on the net and what I got was the picture of Kyoko with a seemingly BALLET dress so I quit the idea of reading it. I thought it has something to do with music and dance which is heavily implied on the title and the picture I saw years ago (specifically from the Wikipedia entry).

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