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Tatami Galaxy had me fascinated probably because I could relate well to the protagonist’s disposition and goal, which is to find his rose-colored campus life. I, just like Watashi, think that one way of finding the rose-colored campus life is to have an association/organization/club in the campus that you can involve yourself into. Watashi and I believe that clubs and organizations that you join during your college years are integral parts of your campus life and that it influences us on how we define our college experiences (I mean, it should…normally.).

If you somehow caught my tweets in twitter, you’d probably know that I’m a college student and I’m currently in my last term before I do my practicum (yes, I’ll be finishing my thesis this term). And so, I guess I’ll be graduating soon. This makes me somewhat wistful about it so I decided to make an entry about Tatami in relation to my college experience.

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Ouran is very farfetched (or if not, ridiculous) if you ask me, in terms of its premise. Even the meaning of the words “host club” got me thinking when I first encountered it. Now that it has come to an end, the thought still remains to be ridiculous because the whole idea of running a host club simply for the fun of it, (or maybe for the sake of business, in Kyouya’s case) is rather unlikely. In addition to that, we are brought inside an academy where only the richest of the rich could afford to study. This is rather unique, but if you look at it, it’s just a sophisticated version of another school club story.

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