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In lieu of the August 1 Memorial Day of Digimon, I marathoned the first and second seasons of Digimon. Watching it again made me notice the theme of parallelism and juxtaposition of the two worlds, namely the Digital World and the Physical World. The state of one reflects the state of the other. If there’s a disturbance existing in the Digital World, then it would probably create a disturbance as well in the Physical World. Whenever I think of this, I can’t help but associate it to Summer Wars (not just because of Mamoru Hosoda).

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My gameplay has been interrupted last summer and since I was busy from school work from there on, I was only able to finish P4 this Christmas break. Now, I was able to finish one among the games in my backlog.

I’ve finished Persona 3 (The Journey) just last year, also this time of year, so I can still clearly remember it to compare it to its successor, Persona 4. I think I already made a comment about this on The Fool regarding the depth of the story and the artistic choices of the production. Persona 3 is much more engaging in my opinion because I think Persona 3 has this ominous and eerier atmosphere compared to Persona 4 which only involves serial murders through the use of the Midnight Channel. Well, if if you think of it, Midnight Channel is creative, but I also think it has it’s own down side compared to Dark Hour.

Spoilers Alert!

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