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Hmm. Persona 3. I already saw this RPG at the top of charts before I played it but it never really caught my attention because I got annoyed at the Shin Megami — wut? Never heard of that…

Anyway, here is my play time record:

Lv 90 ; 97hrs and 18 mins.

Persona Equipped: Melchiezedek (Max Justice Arcana)

Weapon: Evil Gloves.

So far, this is the longest RPG I have ever played. Tales of Abyss only took me 65+ hours while Wild Arms Vth Vanguard took me 70+ hours. Considering the “average” game play of that RPG is 100hrs, I still think that I must have played longer than that if and only if I’ve decided to level up all my allies around my level. My “final” party against Nyx was Aigis, Yukari and Mitsuru. Well, they are all girls and I should have included Junpei if only I did not took into consideration Yukari’s adeptness in healing and other recovery stuffs.

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This is a friggin scheduled post! Hahaha, still, I’d like to thank all the visitors so far of my blog and also my blogmates!. I’d be sure to drop comments to your respective blogs later this afternoon! 😛

Thanks Giving will have to wait until New Year 🙂

Ciao everyone, I’m kind of busy and not in the mood for Christmas… I don’t know the reason… The hiatus is because I’m just not in the mood to write about something , nothing enters my mind. And by the way, I’m currently playing Persona 3 FES and I’m planning to play P4 after that so maybe I’m just lazy to do both playing and blogging at the same time. I’d be sure to come back with an afterthoughts review about Persona 3. Yet again, I don’t know when I’ll be resuming to my regular schedule. Life without school classes is somewhat also boring. T_T

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