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What actually got me into writing this entry was actually Yuri’s statement “Try to be flexible. Accept things as they are”. Accepting things as they are means flexibility? Hell no Yuri, you are actually trying to be hypocrite when you tried to say that to Otonashi. The fact that you guys are rebelling against “God” already says that you are not accepting things as they are! Doesn’t that make you same as Otonashi trying to be cynical with all the things happening? And yet, you are trying to blame Otonashi for being so hesitant in joining the Front at first.

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I really thought from the very start of Angel Beats! that Otonashi is such a boring character and that Hinata should have a greater exposure instead because he is much more likable (although, I’d say he also is a good supporting cast). Good thing there are Track Zero chapters to compensate for that.

Track Zero is supposedly a prequel for the anime, having Hinata as the main protagonist, aside from Yuri. It explains some of the stuffs which wasn’t really explained during the start of the anime, just like how the party was founded.

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