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Because I succumbed to generic posts, today, I shall be presenting my Top 10 OP. Also, I don’t really know what this list means or does it reflect my personality. I’m not really into high level music stuffs so sorry if I’ll be disappointing if you find the list boring,  or too cliche and ordinary. Anyway, this post is just to share and contemplate on the reasons why I came to like these songs. Then again, do I really have to describe these songs? Makes me want to push the publish button already by simply posting the videos.

I had a hard time collating this post because it’s hard to find HDs of all these OPs.

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I’m not watching Nodame Cantabile: Finale anymore!

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The importance to us of "music" as it fade.

First, I’d like to say that the scope of the entry doesn’t necessarily describe the general setting because it may vary for every country, depending on how they value their music, culture, and most significantly, their musicians.

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