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I think I’m idling too much here in my blog and I think this is the only solution, to do an episodic blogging so I’ll be thinking and doing something every time there is a slump of ideas and slump in good anime in a specific season(particularly this winter’s).

I think Detective Conan is lacking the attention in terms of the episode coverage since a lot of watchers are already fed up with it considering it has been running in nearly 13 years already. My plan is to cover all SUBBED episodes of Detective Conan and to compile Murder Tricks of the series as well. This is just experimental just as what the title says so I’ll be looking into this further more if this would fit my taste. Also, I’m lazy to put pictures. Just watch them in detectiveconan.us / tv.dctp.ws 😉 (promotion! XD)

Episode 1 – Roller Coaster Murder Case

The OP sequence had a flashback of the 1st murder appearance of Shinichi. He is quite pretty bold for a newbie. Okay, I don’t know any of those deduction skills they’ve been talking about but the basic strategy used for the murder is attaching a rope to climb a veranda and kill the person inside the room where the culprit lured the victim into. The first case is pretty easy to predict since the probable culprit has been reduced to one.

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