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Well then, let us start tackling about the series. I didn’t finished Munto so I’m kind of hoping that this one is better in all aspects. I hope you guys have already researched at least about the show since I don’t want to do any synopsis review. Also, don’t worry, this is not like a second Detroit Metal City since K-on! deals with light music. Supposedly yes.

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Okay, I’ve finished Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu.

Well if there would be a vague part for this anime, then that would be the “supposed” love triangle among Yuuto, Haruka and Shiina. It would have been more fun if there would a battle royale for Shiina and Haruka to claim who is rightful for Yuuto. Besides that, well I guess the story is great because it depicts the condescending view towards otakus by the society.

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