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The first chapter of the volume never had an impending feeling about the tragedy that will befall the characters playing the virtual game. Although there were hints of how Kirito, the main character, is regretful of some things as he began explaining the exposition and the current status of the game, none of it was particularly referring to something. I thought it was a bit weird that the description of the battle during the first part was a bit overdone in such a way that it’s as if it was a matter of life and death despite being a mere virtual game and true enough, it really was. I honestly think that the foreshadowing done during the early chapters was excellent.

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As for someone who really likes the experience of playing MMORPGs, the idea of Sword Art Online was very fascinating because every now and then, I’m still missing the experience I had during the times that I have played several titles. Actually, I try to relive those days from time to time whenever I miss them during the holidays.

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I know, the title is so weaboo-ish. (Also, the image is spoiler-ish at its best, re: Yukio holding a gun) The mere motive of the author for making this post is because he saw the trailer (and quickly got intrigued so he read the manga) from one of gg-subs if he’s not mistaken.

It’s been a while since I have stumbled upon a battle shounen which piqued my interest. Seriously though, Shana captivated me because of her resplendent red flames. How can I let myself miss out blue flames which are definitely cooler? Visuals aside, I definitely like the Shinto and rich Japanese folklore vibes that Ao no Exorcist radiates.

I didn’t really appreciate the first few chapters of AoEx because of the vague exposition of what was happening except that Rin is your typical protagonist that doesn’t have a clear vision in his mind of what he wants in life, and then suddenly, something was triggered by Rin which drastically changed his disposition in life. Pretty much the basic starter amongst shounen mangas.

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Aside from normal shows, I’m also expecting this OVA! I’m a huge fan of Kagami so I wanna see her again.

Well, the story really focuses on the four girls but it is kind of sad because the other 6 where set aside on the OVA. Yutaka and others had an extremely limited appearance in the anime.

The MMORPG part of the OVA rocks! It makes me nostalgic of my experiences when I was also once a newbie. Tsukasa reminded me of myself when I tried to play Ragnarok the first time. I didn’t know how to sit. Thus, I’m waiting idle long enough just to replenish my hp XD. lulz. I also had a hard time picking on enemies. I remember getting on the map on the north of Prontera, the forest of Mandragoras and died there. I was shokku  T_T and stared at my character lying on the ground. By the way, what a coincidence~ I also used to be a Healer! Go Kagamin~.

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