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Auguri Buon Anno! 😀

Thanks for all the visits so far!!! I hope this year would be a good year once again!

I’ve read a ton of posts regarding anime(s) of 2008 such as the best and top things like OP and ED sequences, characters, etc. Sadly, I’ve just started anime blogging this year during the mid-Spring season so I’m afraid that I just can’t give any assessment during the whole span of year. I’d be glad to give my top “something” for the whole year if only I was industrious enough to view flashbacks and sample of the anime aired during the late winter of 2007/8 but anyway, I’ll certainly do one for this year luckily enough if I’ll be able to stay alive in the anime blogosphere for around another one year ^^V.

As a start, I have FIXED (care of my brother) the div settings of the header and finally enabled my header rotator plugin. The headers are not yet finalized though and some of them are just to show off but I’ll certainly fix some texture anomalies later on XD. My favorite header so far is the one featuring the giraffe from School Rumble. And so, I’m here to have some blabber and final thoughts regarding the shows I have watched throughout the year.

I’m afraid that the shows that are still airing would still wait for their turn once they are already finished…

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I really didn’t watched any of the Macross until I came across this one. I decided to watch this because Omni-senpai seems to like it and Sheryl caught my attention. As I, together with my brother, downloaded the subs of Aone-Gekkostate-Menclave, we waited… and waited until they released the episode 5 but we didn’t control our patience anymore because nothing is coming out anymore and dig in with gg’s. We actually tried to watch it first at crunchyroll but it became more and more crappy because it was too late until we realized that the subs were Babelfish~ed. Lol XD

Yay for Macross Frontier. It was a great ending. I’ve been envy to Omni-senpai ever since Friday because he was able to immediately watch it XD. It took me today just to watch it because the release just came yesterday.

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I haven’t blogged a lot lately because of priorities I have to set in doing my college stuffs. Anyway, since I have given the spare time to do this. I have to do this entry because I haven’t spend too much entry about Macross Frontier. I was always like –“omg, Michael died” and “yes! Alto has been shot down”. Lol, I grew to hate Alto these days because I don’t see any consistency with regards to his love affair. I also grew empathetic with Sheryl’s status considering I hate her when I first saw her. I’ve been messed up by this show… Luca who seems to be very relaxed and care free during the first episodes also became mentally disturbed because of all the fold quartz stuff. Meanwhile, Grace is still the ever-villain of the show. I found myself in a trap when I saw the cute Ai-kun transformed into a Vajra T_T.

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This is the first time for me to blog about Macross Frontier even though I have watched it since it’s premier. It’s just that I didn’t watch the previous seasons of Macross.

I didn’t liked the first part of the episode because all they did was to recapitulate what happened so far. Good thing there were songs that didn’t make me bored. So far, it really is puzzling and I like animes like these. There are so many mysteries that awaits to be disclosed. By the way, Grace became the leader of Sheryl’s new project[does that mean Sheryl was dumped? *hehe* go Ranka!!!]. I almost forgot that this series is Macross, a MECHA anime. It almost looked to me as if its a musical anime. Even so, it’s great.

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