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Spoilers? Proceed at your own risk (covers episodes 1-5 of the anime).  Be advised as well that I read a fan translation. It will never be as accurate as the original text. If I pointed out something that could be attributed to the way it was translated, kindly tell me. This might as well be called a review of the translation, aside from being a review of the novel itself.

Reading Hyouka was quite an experience. If I would have to describe it, it’s as if you’re listening to two people exchanging vague inside jokes with one another. You have to possess an understanding of Japanese history, specifically 1960’s to easily understand and follow some of the historical references.

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The first chapter of the volume never had an impending feeling about the tragedy that will befall the characters playing the virtual game. Although there were hints of how Kirito, the main character, is regretful of some things as he began explaining the exposition and the current status of the game, none of it was particularly referring to something. I thought it was a bit weird that the description of the battle during the first part was a bit overdone in such a way that it’s as if it was a matter of life and death despite being a mere virtual game and true enough, it really was. I honestly think that the foreshadowing done during the early chapters was excellent.

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Since I have taken into consideration of reading Toradora’s translated light novel from baka-tsuki, I came across to the scene during ep. 6 where Ryuuji asked Minorin about an opinion to a person admitting that she is an airhead (Ami).

The english translation from the script was:

Minori closed her eyes and, reminiscent of the crucified Christ, raised both hands so very slowly while wearing a peaceful expression. Her expression that had been like that of a dead person very, very slowly shifted into a smile. Her hands ended up making a large circle over her head…at least, that’s what it looked like at that moment.


With her face crinkled and her mouth opened as if she were crying out, both her hands crossed violently in a slashing motion. They ended up forming an X.

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