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It’s May 4 today so this post is for poetic purposes – grammar & spelling check would be later XD This is composed of 3592 words so please consider taking breaks if you are planning to read it.

DC MOVIE 1 – Time Bombed Skyscraper

The very first scene was about a related murder but I won’t discuss about it anymore. It is just about another murder where you’ll witness Kogoro’s idiocy and Conan’s brilliance. The only connection the murder would play in the main plot would be the place which is the Kurokawa residence. Please remember that place. The evidence needed to prove the murder was somewhat petty since the culprit stepped on a droplet of blood on the floor while committing the murder. Well then, please be careful next time you want to commit a crime.

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Ah lele? Who said I won’t continue covering DC? I just had my hiatus :-<

Episode 02 – The Company President’s Daughter Kidnapping Case

The episode started with two policemen having found Shinichi lying on the ground with a bleeding wound on his head. Shinichi was a bit pissed off when the policemen called him a li’l boy when he is already a high school student. Because of the conversation between the two policemen, Shinichi was able to remember that he was hit by a man in black.

The moment he tried to reach his head, he found it strange for his clothes to somewhat look like large for him. The more it became strange when the two policemen said that he is a primary school student. Given the circumstances, the two policemen continued reporting the current situation without knowing Shinich had already escaped from their proximity.

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