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Code Geass had its own short comings but why did I ever like Code Geass even though I know that there were stupid plot devices? Now that I think of it, after the two years that have passed, I just can’t explain it clearly to my myself. Was I that immature back then when I started blogging that I’m going to suck-up any cool anime out there even though it obviously does not make sense anymore? But still, whenever somebody asks me an anime that I consider great, Code Geass is more often than not, one among those anime(s) that enter my mind.

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Well, I have been in a hiatus because of this matter. As of now, I succesfully separated my personal blog posts with my anime blog posts (although there are few disparities~). Now you can expect me to write purely about animes :P.


By the way, I noticed that my most active post is about Code Geass’ Knightmares. I just want to inform the lost souls gathered on my site that I kind of lost my interest already on Knightmares because they are turning into Gundams(specifically Lancelot Albion and that Guren Hakkyokushiki). So maybe I won’t post about upgrades anymore from the show since Wikipedia offers wider information about them (they’ve got no pictures though). Here is the link to ravage upon if you really are into Knightmare frames.

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The first upgrade of Code Geass R2 was during the introduction of both new flying units, Guren Kashoushiki and Lancelot Conquista. Because the said series were already introduced, let’s discussed now the other/new Knightmare frames that was shown in the recent episode 11.

First of all, let me introduce the Britannian’s Knightmare frames, Tristan and Mordred.

Tristan is Zino’s Knightmare frame. It is the fastest aerial unit when it is on its jet mode(fortress mode). It can transform pretty fast to the Knightmare form itself. It is equipped with a double ended pole arm. Thus, it can perform mid-range damage to several enemies at a time. It can also launch two of its harkens and combine them to produce a beam that could match Shen Hu’s Baryon Cannon.

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