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Well first, I have to thank the person who recommended this show to me. I’m totally interested in anime that touches the topic of cyberspace since it feels very meta. Aside from this, the psychological aspect of the show was greatly executed that it resonates well to some of my own self-aimed questions. Well then, here’s a “review” of the series.

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My stand for cross-dressing would probably be similar to Chi-chan. It’s hard to overcome the hurdle for men, true, which is why I honestly think Nitori should really consider controlling himself on making the wrong impression before it’s too late.

Haha, wait, that’s not the point of this entry though. I would actually like to wonder on what should be the proper response of a teacher towards this kind of thing. No matter how you look at it, teachers are tasked to mold the personality of a student, and part of it is their awareness to their own sexuality.

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