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I think I have discerned a particular theme that I certainly enjoy watching and I’m hoping that there would be more shows like this in the future. I’ve come to realize this only after watching the recent movie of FMA and it made me remember my rewatch of Seirei no Moribito last year. Well that was random wasn’t it?

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ltdoujo by いしだんごむし I’ve just finished watching it and I think this anime is rather amusing since no one could really tell where would our socio-cultural evolution would lead us to. This is why I don’t think these ideas are preposterous. Who knows, after few decades? After all, wild ideas these days may not be so wild for the forthcoming years.

Even so, even if that time is yet to come, I think it is already applicable to our present situation, although it is not that extreme compared to the censorship the anime is showing.

Disclaimer: The subsequent information I’ll be writing doesn’t have a solid proof so please don’t hold back on correcting me if it is wrong in any case. It’s just what I’ve heard and my opinion regarding on it.

I’m still a college student, and I just remembered this lecture from my Asian History professor. But, before that, I think everyone is aware of what role Japan played during the WWII — and I don’t intend to focus on that. My country,(which is Philippines) is one of the countries which was ravaged during the war, which is why many issues and conspiracies stirred up from the said matter. It involves having the Japan being forced to proclaim a public apology to Philippines regarding that matter.(Well, if you’d like to really know the reason, then I must tell you that, Japanese men, during the WWII desecrated many Filipina women, if you know what I mean, and of course, not just women, but everyone because of the massacres and all those unwanted events during the war.)

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