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Tag "Higashi no Eden"

Sorry, the title is such a troll. I shall be honest, I was one of those who were fascinated when this anime began airing last Fall 2009 because of its intriguing and rather “wtf?” storyline. I don’t remember anymore what was my reason for putting it in on-hold back then but I really remember that I felt awkward after the Kuroha incident. And yes, this is a rant review.

I don’t know if it was just a coincidence that the OP sequence is entitled “Falling Down” because I honestly think the  series had a slump after the Kuroha incident. It’s not like I didn’t liked that arc, but I think the series failed on trying to establish the story properly because of the vast amount of conspiracies and information it is trying to introduce to the audience — to the point it doesn’t make sense anymore. I’m not trying to mention here the good graphics and smooth animation of the series because the viewers would probably agree that it was one of the good points that the anime has, but of course, it won’t be fair to judge it simply because it looked good.

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