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Almost all the anime fans have been surprised by the announcement of the crunchyroll to regulate all the videos in the site and to halt accepting fansubbed anime episodes anymore. The impending date is said to be in January 15.

Crunchyroll have been introduced only to me by my classmate when I was still in high school. I was original downloading all the loads that I want to watch so I often have to watch out for feeds just to watch the anime earlier than usual. When Cruchyroll was introduced to me, I was able lessen my priorities to download and just watch out for the recent uploads so I’ll be able to maintain the free space of the hard disk. Crunchyroll is also a home for some of the extinct torrents already so I’m kind of sad since I think the videos would be wiped out and only the ones uploaded officially by FUNimation would only be the ones shown in the site. Considering they’ll be banning all the fansubs, I doubt Crunchyroll would still be useful for me because the uploaded videos of FUNimation also filters viewers from different continents.

I just don’t know what’s gonna happen to the future. Will Crunchyroll stick with the licensed materials? What will happen if Studio Pierrot decided to stop doing Naruto? Beats me. I just think Crunchyroll would soon look like a hall of advertisement for all Blue-ray DVDs, posters and other merchandise. I think the community won’t be the same anymore considering I’m quite fond of the forum topics there.

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This news is pretty alarming… The long trial has been into its judgement today.

If that is what it is called… Copyright infringement… Then what do you call the images we see at Google Images, Anime Wallpaper and MyOtaku??? I think that also counts as a copyright infringement… Just what the heck is wrong with file sharing??? I think they must use the term copyright infringement if and only if they have seen someone profiting from such thing[but is there?].

I don’t think this will affect the people in the long run. Well, I’m happy for that but his imprisonment is just for nothing… What will they achieve? Would the uploaders/ file sharers stop?

The law is just so ambiguous.

Japan’s Copyright Law prohibits unauthorized uploaders but expressly allows people to download for private use. The Japanese government is pushing a ban on unauthorized downloads as well, despite receiving thousands of messages from citizens opposing the ban.

What’s the use of authorized uploaders if unathorized downloading is not allowed?

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