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I don’t have a history about fighting teachers, or “opposing” them for any matter. This is one of the reasons why I was hooked to Kare Kano’s approach in its 7th episode which involved top students going against their teachers, with their parents as their allies. Pretty daring isn’t it? It’s cliche for delinquents to do such a thing but they are totally the opposite which is why just like Yukino’s father, it gave me shivers of excitement.

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I wasn’t exactly excited over Nisemonogatari since I was pretty much expecting already that they’ll really adapt the rest of the Monogatari series given that Tsukihi and Karen haven’t had their respective arcs yet. But right after I saw the trailer, I can’t believe how much I missed the characters, especially Hitagi. The surreal backgrounds and settings, the walls of texts, and the eerie architectural design of the abandoned cram school, to name one, still fascinates me up until now.

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I just finished watching Tokyo Godfather. It is a pretty interesting, almost entirely realistic drama anime. A LOT happened in the span of one and half hour. And I mean A LOT! The main plot is simple but I find the subplots rather hard to follow. But I think I get the message. For this post, I would like to focus on the portrait of a family as shown in Tokyo Godfathers.

The three homeless characters have their respective issues regarding their blood relatives. Hana with his mother, Miyuki with her father and Gin with his wife and daughter.

Hana wants to understand his mother for abandoning him. This explains how Hana badly wants Kiyoko (the baby they found) to have a great life, despite their lack of familial relationship. He even jumped off a building to save her!

Miyuki stabs her  father who is a policeman and runs away after. She says she chooses not to go home but she may be actually afraid to go home because of what she has done to her father.

Gin gambles to the point of destroying the financial stability of his family, thus his family itself.

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