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I believe that I have one post sitting in the drafts which was supposed to be about Fractale, and to be specific, the Fractale System itself. Since I lost the motivation to actually continue the post (who knows if it’ll rise from the graveyard), I thought I should at least mention it here. And no, this post isn’t a rant of what it has become. After all, 12 moments is supposed to outline the best parts of what happened throughout the year. 

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I don’t know if this will turn out a bit technical but I’ll try my best not to (or at least explain through layman’s terms). I have to say as well that this representation in [C] is rather weird. I am well aware of how bad IMF’s reputation is to developing countries because of the disparity in the bargaining power of the developing country to what IMF/US demands as a compensation for the loans and debts that they provide as a form of assistance to the countries. This is why it was quite surprising that one of the good guys (well, I consider her as one) actually came from IMF. I know that I’m biased but because of this, it’s as if IMF has become a great institution all of a sudden (which up until now, I still can’t seem to accept!).

Side B: Satou

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I honestly think that the show was vague during the last episodes due to the fast pace but I guess it was just reasonable for a show showcasing the world economy, considering the minute and ever changing prices of not only stocks but also commodities. Time is of the essence after all, if we are talking about trading stocks.

Side A: Sennoza

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spicywolf Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. – Benjamin Disraeli.

It doesn’t really matter how many Thoreni, Lumione or whatever coins you possess. Everyone has their set of choices to choose from whether to succumb to what they feel right or wrong, whichever might be the source of their happiness or joy, even if it’s also just momentarily.

I chuckled a bit and partly agreed to what Harold-san(the innkeeper) mentioned with regards to wealth and merchants. Indeed, merchants keep on thinking how to earn and gain large sum of profits and yet, would they be able to keep it when that day comes? Of course not, and yet they are putting all the effort just to obtain those high-quality materials and such. Certainly, why exert that much effort in obtaining something you’ll eventually throw away? I guess this rather falls in the category of that dispensable part of happiness.

We all have different kinds of perspective on how we choose to be happy with our lives, even if we’re just pretending to have the role of a fairy tale’s protagonist. Happiness is a scary thing. Perhaps that’s right but, probably not as well. Well, since it’s how Horo perceives it, let’s not argue with that.

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I actually watched this show because there is a season 2 for summer. This is not a review by the way.

The setting of the show is medieval age where the economic system is mercantilism so trading goods as well as gaining a lot of profit is really the most important for the nobles and even for the church so as to gain the power over a certain city or town.

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