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Who cares about crunchyroll anyway? I think I just learned about this site last year when my classmate(who is a animefan just like me) introduced it to me. I should be the one who knows it but since I’ve been downloading lotsa from fansubbers and all over the net, I haven’t bother to check out streaming sites XD. Yes, not until the hard disk of my computer sought salvation due to lack of free space. (Anyway, the anime introduced to me was Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei which I still haven’t watched up until now LOL.)

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This news is pretty alarming… The long trial has been into its judgement today.

If that is what it is called… Copyright infringement… Then what do you call the images we see at Google Images, Anime Wallpaper and MyOtaku??? I think that also counts as a copyright infringement… Just what the heck is wrong with file sharing??? I think they must use the term copyright infringement if and only if they have seen someone profiting from such thing[but is there?].

I don’t think this will affect the people in the long run. Well, I’m happy for that but his imprisonment is just for nothing… What will they achieve? Would the uploaders/ file sharers stop?

The law is just so ambiguous.

Japan’s Copyright Law prohibits unauthorized uploaders but expressly allows people to download for private use. The Japanese government is pushing a ban on unauthorized downloads as well, despite receiving thousands of messages from citizens opposing the ban.

What’s the use of authorized uploaders if unathorized downloading is not allowed?

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