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The importance to us of "music" as it fade.

First, I’d like to say that the scope of the entry doesn’t necessarily describe the general setting because it may vary for every country, depending on how they value their music, culture, and most significantly, their musicians.

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Okay, my radar just received a scoop about La Corda D’oro getting a second series tentatively entitled La Corda D’Oro ~secondo passo~. Ever since I watched this series, I kept on encountering the news about the possible season two since the simulation game has a second installment. The fangirls all over the internet are also craving for the return of the bishies. I don’t really know how’s the plot gonna revolve this time but it was revealed that 3 characters would be newly introduced as an addition to the list of bishies. I don’t know if all characters from season one would be returning but probably they ARE haha lol

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