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Here goes the obligatory Christmas post! Merry Christmas to everyone, more importantly to all my readers (or lurkers) and anime bloggers out there! Here’s something from me so my blog will show some life signs XP. Yes, I’m still alive here and I’m actually finishing Persona 3 Portable right now as a female protagonist. I haven’t played it since September so yeah… there.

There’s actually one post sitting in the drafts about Tales of Vesperia since I’ve finished it (you’ll understand soon) recently too but I’m delaying the publication until next year.

Some Updates/ Goals for this Christmas break:
Moyashimon and Shiki entries SOON.
Ao no Exorcist (manga) entry
Finish Trapeze, Tatami Galaxy and Aoi Bungaku, and probably some insightful entries.
Get back on that certain episode of Kaiba about the utopian planet for that certain entry as well.
Oh, and probably a Panty and Stocking w/ GB entry too!

I hope I’ll be able to write some “Moments of 20xx” for next year. December is just a busy month for a college student like me.

Apologies for anime bloggers I haven’t replied to in the comments or blogs I haven’t visited for so long already. T^T

That’s it for now folks! Thank you for still dropping by at TV and enjoy the Holidays! 🙂

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anitaNormally, Christmas episodes would be the very jolly ones and radiates that yuletide aura everyone is expected to have during the season but R.O.D TV defies that common place in anime. It even gave us a perception of what really Christmas is all about.

It’s been a while since I’ve rewatched this certain episode of Read or Die, and I must say that it is definitely the best and touching story compared to all other Christmas episodes of other anime(s). People do tend to forget other people whenever Christmas comes since what always come to our mind would be our relatives, and the gifts that we’ll be receiving. But then, there are people who just can’t think that way during Christmas, especially those who feel they lack something.

Episode 10 is a brief story behind the Paper Sisters, and how it came to be. It was also Christmas Eve that day when Maggie and Michelle first met and became partners in a certain mission to retrieve some sort of a book in a hidden library beneath a church. They were merely doing the job, without even caring it was Christmas Eve during that day.

It was snowing that day. Anita was waiting patiently inside the abandoned church, helplessly clutching her ragged clothing, to at least keep herself warm. She was hoping that someone would show up to take her away, and the hunger she feels.

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