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Okay, I know that a lot of people has been bored already about what’s gonna to Meitantei Conan since it fell to the category of perpetual ongoing animes. Even so, I guess there are still lot of people that vehemently support the yearly Golden Week movies of Detective Conan. It is one of the widely known anime in the world since it’s been running for nearly 13 years yet the plot hasn’t been resolved yet. Because of that Gosho Aoyama, the author of Detective Conan, has already treated Shounen Sunday as his home.

This news has been known to everybody already since October but I can’t help it but be alarmed when I saw this remark about the movie in the Wikipedia. Anyway, Wikipedia is not that credible but it is also one of the most updated sites in the web.

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shounen tanteiYeah right, of all animes… I don’t know why but I happened to be interested on it after watching few episodes from Animax again (yes, i’ve been a fan of this anime but I didn’t had the opportunity to finish it because I didn’t know that it is stll ongoing) The last thing I heard about it before I rewatched it was — its episodes are keeping up with Pokemon (meaning to say, it goes 300++) and now it is about 500 episodes with several special episodes(sometimes 50 min. and few 150/133 minutes).

Well, I have to admit that the episodes are boring at times because of same old tricks, predictable and insipid flow of events. I’m just keeping up with it as well because what I just want to watch are the tricks and how they are done. It also a nice brain teaser so I can say it’s a nice interactive anime if you do so think as well who the murderer is and how s/he did the crime.

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