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Auguri Buon Anno! 😀

Thanks for all the visits so far!!! I hope this year would be a good year once again!

I’ve read a ton of posts regarding anime(s) of 2008 such as the best and top things like OP and ED sequences, characters, etc. Sadly, I’ve just started anime blogging this year during the mid-Spring season so I’m afraid that I just can’t give any assessment during the whole span of year. I’d be glad to give my top “something” for the whole year if only I was industrious enough to view flashbacks and sample of the anime aired during the late winter of 2007/8 but anyway, I’ll certainly do one for this year luckily enough if I’ll be able to stay alive in the anime blogosphere for around another one year ^^V.

As a start, I have FIXED (care of my brother) the div settings of the header and finally enabled my header rotator plugin. The headers are not yet finalized though and some of them are just to show off but I’ll certainly fix some texture anomalies later on XD. My favorite header so far is the one featuring the giraffe from School Rumble. And so, I’m here to have some blabber and final thoughts regarding the shows I have watched throughout the year.

I’m afraid that the shows that are still airing would still wait for their turn once they are already finished…

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I don’t know but it seems that the animes I pick are rarely picked by the biggest blogosphere people.

Okay, I’ve been interested to this show ever since I saw Tsutomu slowly perished right after Birdy mistook him as the target. And the *poof!* he became the buddy of Birdy. The name of the anime is just so awkward. I don’t know why they named it this way… Anyway, I discovered that this anime is really just an OVA but Aniplex decided to do an alternative retelling of its story.

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