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The series was actually engaging but it had me thinking why some of the characters were like that.

Narumi had a very questionable personality during the start of the series. He claims that he’s already used to not seeing the “full image” – which is why he remained being a lone dot. But, he was annoyingly bowing to everything that’s happening around him. There’s no pressure at all being applied to him but he still unwillingly went and got dragged by Ayaka. He actually instinctively stayed during the scene in episode 1 where the girl jumped from the window even though Hiro and everyone else actually didn’t even mind him witnessing the event.

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orenjihime I never really took Aria seriously the first time I heard it to be some spectacular anime around the corners of the aniblogosphere but since I often heard that several anime blogs have been inspired by Aria, I decided that I should see it for myself.

Actually, I decided to read the manga prior to watching the last 3rd season of the anime because the translation of the manga isn’t done yet, but I might reconsider re-watching all three seasons once more. The anime really has an astounding track to listen to and it makes me imagine as if I’m on an Italian café. Meanwhile, the manga is a little bit more concise when it comes to details. The plot is the same for both although the anime has few nice fillers.

Also, Akari’s e-mail penpal wasn’t really specified who but the anime did referred it though as Ai-chan. It was somewhat fishy though since Ai-chan was introduced right off the bat in the anime and wasn’t in the manga but both had a similar ending.

I was easily captivated by this anime, and it’s probably because of its somehow trivial yet heart-warming anecdotes. This series never failed to show me a new side for new things and encounters. And probably, because of its utopian setting as well, which I would like to experience myself. Yeah, I’m definitely guilty of thinking maybe the world is better off to be similar to Aqua. Oh well, too bad, it might take not just a millennium before Mars is terraformed.

I’ve never been so attached to an anime, as if I never like it to end, and I think I’ve experienced it for the first time on Aria. ara ara~ XD.

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