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I’m reading Naruto manga once in a while since the only sucker is Shippuuden with all those crappy fillers and the late part of the first one  when I thought they are already done with it…

Exactly, this is a rant about fillers.

As far I know, Naruto is still a Genin. (lulz, I think Genin is basic so please don’t mistook me as a Narutard) Yet again, He already progressed further than any of the Jounins in the village. If the plot of the story goes on, I think Naruto will finally end up being a Hokage (regardless of his present rank).

Uhm so, who cares?

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The first upgrade of Code Geass R2 was during the introduction of both new flying units, Guren Kashoushiki and Lancelot Conquista. Because the said series were already introduced, let’s discussed now the other/new Knightmare frames that was shown in the recent episode 11.

First of all, let me introduce the Britannian’s Knightmare frames, Tristan and Mordred.

Tristan is Zino’s Knightmare frame. It is the fastest aerial unit when it is on its jet mode(fortress mode). It can transform pretty fast to the Knightmare form itself. It is equipped with a double ended pole arm. Thus, it can perform mid-range damage to several enemies at a time. It can also launch two of its harkens and combine them to produce a beam that could match Shen Hu’s Baryon Cannon.

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