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Ah lele? Who said I won’t continue covering DC? I just had my hiatus :-<

Episode 02 – The Company President’s Daughter Kidnapping Case

The episode started with two policemen having found Shinichi lying on the ground with a bleeding wound on his head. Shinichi was a bit pissed off when the policemen called him a li’l boy when he is already a high school student. Because of the conversation between the two policemen, Shinichi was able to remember that he was hit by a man in black.

The moment he tried to reach his head, he found it strange for his clothes to somewhat look like large for him. The more it became strange when the two policemen said that he is a primary school student. Given the circumstances, the two policemen continued reporting the current situation without knowing Shinich had already escaped from their proximity.

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The first upgrade of Code Geass R2 was during the introduction of both new flying units, Guren Kashoushiki and Lancelot Conquista. Because the said series were already introduced, let’s discussed now the other/new Knightmare frames that was shown in the recent episode 11.

First of all, let me introduce the Britannian’s Knightmare frames, Tristan and Mordred.

Tristan is Zino’s Knightmare frame. It is the fastest aerial unit when it is on its jet mode(fortress mode). It can transform pretty fast to the Knightmare form itself. It is equipped with a double ended pole arm. Thus, it can perform mid-range damage to several enemies at a time. It can also launch two of its harkens and combine them to produce a beam that could match Shen Hu’s Baryon Cannon.

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