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The series was actually engaging but it had me thinking why some of the characters were like that.

Narumi had a very questionable personality during the start of the series. He claims that he’s already used to not seeing the “full image” – which is why he remained being a lone dot. But, he was annoyingly bowing to everything that’s happening around him. There’s no pressure at all being applied to him but he still unwillingly went and got dragged by Ayaka. He actually instinctively stayed during the scene in episode 1 where the girl jumped from the window even though Hiro and everyone else actually didn’t even mind him witnessing the event.

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World Destruction

For those who don’t know the series yet, it is better to read my first post about this anime because it has the brief introduction than what I’m going to tell here.

Well, because I don’t see too many interested, then I’ll do it on my own… I’ve wanted to do this right after the very first airing of episode 1 but there were no fansubbers and I’m not sooo fluent to understand several Jap words to just watch the raw vids.

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