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In the previous post about 5cm per Second, it was discussed how emotional distance manifested in the two characters: Tohno and Akira.  A factor that greatly affected this is their physical distance. It is possible that their physical distance caused them to think that their relationship and their emotions has no space for their not-so-feasible long distance relationship.

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(Note: Some parts may be bordering on overanalysis. XD)

It is not easy to comprehend what the score between the two is, but perhaps, the closest we can label it is that of boyfriend-girlfriend romantic relationship. Even though they do not fit the typical bf-gf relationship (not holding hands, not kissing often, etc.), it seems they are loyal and are close to each other enough that they can be considered a couple.

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After watching this anime, I felt a great sense of contentment. As with other slice of life anime or films (come to think of it, there will always be a slice of life in every film. Hah!), I always get the feeling that I was in the shoes of the characters whenever I watch. The astounding animation really helped in achieving this. They pay so much attention to minute details. For example, Kiki trips over from time to time. The animators do not have to show that but they did to better emphasize Kiki’s personality or characteristics, which in this situation is youthful.  Another example is the climax (the scene with Tombo and the dirigible). When Kiki tried to fly, they chose to show Kiki not a hundred percent capable of flying again. They chose to show Kiki still getting the hang of flying because again, she is not some super special witch. These small details really helped me feel accomplished because Kiki really worked hard for it.

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I just finished watching Tokyo Godfather. It is a pretty interesting, almost entirely realistic drama anime. A LOT happened in the span of one and half hour. And I mean A LOT! The main plot is simple but I find the subplots rather hard to follow. But I think I get the message. For this post, I would like to focus on the portrait of a family as shown in Tokyo Godfathers.

The three homeless characters have their respective issues regarding their blood relatives. Hana with his mother, Miyuki with her father and Gin with his wife and daughter.

Hana wants to understand his mother for abandoning him. This explains how Hana badly wants Kiyoko (the baby they found) to have a great life, despite their lack of familial relationship. He even jumped off a building to save her!

Miyuki stabs her  father who is a policeman and runs away after. She says she chooses not to go home but she may be actually afraid to go home because of what she has done to her father.

Gin gambles to the point of destroying the financial stability of his family, thus his family itself.

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(Note: The following contains Christianity-related stuff.)

Bokura ga Ita’s last episode is not much of a Christmas special but, it did happen in the Christmas season. The first half of it shows the two of the major characters, Yano and Nana, talking and then celebrating their own Christmas together. Since Yano will be leaving before Christmas itself, they celebrated earlier. Before the actual date, they discussed first how they are going to spend it. Nana insists they spend it the usual way they do because she doesn’t want to feel like it is an ending. I have to think that she feels like it’s a different day, like it’s a one-time-big-time thing because of the specialness that Yano wants to give it.This leads me to a question–why do we spend certain days differently from others?

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